One Arm Jerk (OAJ) – Hall of Fame

In this page you can find some One Arm Jerk (OAJ) ”World Records” with 16kg-90kg kettlebell. There is so many different styles to do ”WR”: one hand switch, multiply hand switches, kettlebell rest on floor between sets etc. The hardest record style is one hand switch and easiest is leaving kettlebell on the floor and rest without holding any weight on rack between sets (interval lifting). Records can last from a few minutes to 24 hours.

Valery Fedorenko

Валерий Федоренко

OAJ 60 kg kb 60 reps (30/30)

Ivan Denisov

60kg KB 52 reps in 5 min.

50kg KB 115  reps in 6 min.

Oleh Ilika

Олег Іліка

OAJ 60 kg kb 230 reps in 1 hr

Ivan Dutchishin
Іван Дутчишин

56 kg 214 reps in 1 hour


Pavel Lesnykh
Павел Лесных

51 kg 199 reps in 30 minutes

David Klenov
Давида Кленова

40 kg KB 101 reps in 10 min. costing by barefooted feet on by bit glass.




Vitalij Sitnikov
Виталий Ситников

New WR 40kg OAJ 862 reps in 3 hrs without putting kb on the floor.

40 kg KB 1280 reps in 2 hrs

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other 40 kg KB lift:

OAJ 24kg 900 reps in 30 min (30 rpm)

Vyacheslav Horoneko
Вячеслава Хоронеко

32 kg KB 100 reps in 10 minutes, sitting in the twine.

Vladimir Savelyev
Владимир Савельев

24 kg KB of 20 197 reps (484 728 kg) in 24 hrs


Sergey Matskevich
Сергей Мацкевич

OAJ 32kg 529 reps in 45 min.

Мировой рекорд в прямом эфире TUT.BY

16 kg KB 9503 times in 6 hrs.


Tatiana Potemkin

Татьяне Потемкиной

One Arm Jerk 28 kg 470 reps in 1 hour 27 minutes 20 seconds. More than 13 tons.



Pavlos Georgiadis

OAJ right hand 90 kg kb 10 reps


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